Philanthropy and Territorial Development

Written by Diane Pereira Sousa – Baixada Maranhense Institute, Brazil


We are living a world moment full of great challenges: historical and new, highlighting the distancing of the rich from the poor and the rapid advancement of 4.0 technologies in people’s daily lives, and most of these still have low education.

Subjectivities multiply in a context of objectivity of a economic system, sometimes cruel in its determinations, which merges with fundamentalist and conservative religious and conservative practices preconception.

We have a paralyzed state in the face of these challenges, with policies stagnant or distorted public services, which drives movements in the society and communities that need to be permanently reinventing itself.

In this sense, community philanthropy is not only important, but necessary for the humanized coverage of lives and environments abandoned by governments and the «market».

People directly contributing to the development of other people who can transform their lives and their contexts are practical that need to be strengthened and supported. Abundance needs to be unveiled by those who see it with empathy and commitment.

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