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The IANCF invites Community Foundations that work in Latin America and in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal and Andorra) to be part of our community. The Network is open to new members, allies, collaborators and partners who have an interest in the community development of the Ibero-American region.

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Participate in an active and well-known Network in the international community, and use it to legitimize your local projects;

Position your foundation as part of a pioneering movement that aims to promote philanthropy and community development in this part of the globe.



Participate projects / actions carried out jointly with other organizations of the Ibero-American region;

Join a network that can facilitate linkages with different stakeholders, resulting in possible access to international investors / funds as well as other strategic opportunities.



Exchange experience with other community foundations that are undertaking innovative and high impact actions in their communities, learning from their experiences;

Access contents, research and studies shared in the Network;

Possibility of attending an annual in-person meeting of members, with travel costs covered by the Network when possible.

To request to be part of our network and count on the member’s benefits, the organization must be a community or civic foundation and work in the Iberoamerican region (Latin American countries, Spain, Portugal and Andorra).


Contact us to develop the Ibero-American communities through the strengthening of Civic or Community Foundations operating in the region.


Documents for the membership

Letter of principles: contains the principles of the Ibero-American Region.

Package of benefit and obligations: with the benefits offered for the members and the required obligations.

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