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A group of civic and community foundations called “Network Weavers” coordinates the activities of the Ibero-American Network in a collective way. Know the members.

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Adriana (1)

Adriana Cortés Jimenez

Director of the Bajio Foundation Community – Mexico

Member of the weavers committee of the Ibero-American Network of Community Foundations since 2017.

She has 25 years of experience with civil society organizations in the fields of childhood, youth, people with disabilities, health prevention and addiction rehabilitation.

She is a citizen of the State of Guanajuato and a member of the Board of American Friends of Bajío, based in North Carolina, USA. She is also Senior Fellow since the second generation at Synergos

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Fabiana Hernández

Consultant and Researcher – Uruguay

Advisor of the Ibero-American Network of Community Foundations since 2013.

Sociologist graduated from the University of the Republic, Uruguay. International Fellow, 2007, Center for Philanthropy and Civil Society – CUNY, New York, United States.

She has worked in the execution of several projects and has researched different topics in order to apply them in his professional practice. These themes relate to local development, philanthropy, civil society, information and communications technology, productive development of rural women, CSR, poverty, health and education.


Luis Ruiz Saucedo

Director of Oaxaca Community Foundation – México.

Founding President of the Center for Community Development of Oaxaca. He was the coordinator of the Oaxacan Fund for Nature Conservation, adviser to the Mexican Youth Institute, founding director of Radio Calenda, and collaborated with the Rigoberta Mencgú Foundation, among other organizations.

Mary Ann

Mary Ann Gabino

Vice President of the Puerto Rico Community Foundation (PRCF), where she has been working for 14 years.

Member of the weavers committee of the Ibero-American Network of Civic or Community Foundations since 2016.

Graduated in Communication with specialization in Advertising at the University of the Sacred Heart. She has just completed an executive MBA at Universidad Interamericana, both institutions of Puerto Rico.

Graduated in Public Relations Professional, she is also certified by the School of Marketing and Administration of Banks. Her work experience includes the advertising industry and the banking industry.


Mariane Maier Nunes

CEO of the Community Foundation for Greater Florianópolis- ICOM – Brazil.

Member of the weavers committee of the Ibero-American Network of Civic or Community Foundations since 2016.

Holds a Master of Business Administration (Global MBA) in International Development from George Washington University (USA) & GWU Global Leader Fellow.

Works since 2011 in the areas of international cooperation, management, strategy and corporate social responsibility.


Mercedes Mosquera

Advisor of the Ibero-American Network of Community Foundations.

Master in Law and Politics of the European Union by Carlos III University of Madrid – Spain.

Degree in Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid – Spain.

European Law Program by Universiteit van Amsterdam – The Netherlands.


Jannelle Wilkins

Marketing And Communications Coordinator of the Monteverde Community Found – Costa Rica

Holds a Master in Public Administration. In recent years, has been involved in education and development, environmental conservation and sustainability projects.

Worked for the United Nations World Tourism Organization and founded Antamira Tours. She was Executive Director of the Monteverde Institute, where she developed the Philanthropy Program for Travelers, which in 2013 convert into the Monteverde Community Fund.


Olga Mª Galea Gallardo

General Coordinator, Fundación Maimona – Spain.

Member of the weavers committee of the Ibero-American Network of Civic or Community Foundations since 2016.

She holds a degree in Entrepreneur from the Universidad de Extremadura, has an MBA in Business Administration and a postgraduate degree in Business Consulting, both from the National University of Distance Education (UNED), Spain.

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