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The Ibero-American Network works for the development of the communities in the region through the strengthening of its Civic or Community Foundations. The IANCF encourages joint action and the exchange of experiences among the foundations, boosting their actions and increasing their contribution to the development of the communities where they operate.

To achieve these goals, the Network members have adopted the following principles:


We believe that citizens need to be part of the community development process, having a leading role in deciding and building their own future. Citizens need to feel empowered, aware of their rights and responsibilities. As community foundations, our role is to strengthen existing channels of citizen participation in our territories, whether collective, groups (formal or not), civil society organizations, and others.


To foster community protagonism, we consider that our community foundations know their communities and know which actions to propose and implement for their benefit. With the knowledge of the territories, we can lead the process of strengthening communities and empowering citizens, promoting awareness of identity, encouraging initiatives that promote citizen participation, articulating opportunities using resources/ assets of the local and promoting partnerships with different local actors.


We believe that the collaboration between different local actors – in the public, private and civil society spheres – is fundamental to community development. Therefore, we work as articulators and dynamizers of the different networks in our territories of action, creating spaces and dynamics for this to happen in an efficient and sustainable manner.


We believe in the impact of mobilization and local investment directed to programs and practices that address the particular needs of our communities and raise awareness of local issues. As organizations that know our communities, articulate different actors and have the experience to elaborate diagnoses on local needs, we seek to act as recipients and mediators between the community and local investment.

We also understand that investors need to be committed to the causes they support. They must respect the community processes without intervening directly in them, knowing the actors, the community, the customs, the history of the place. We hope that articulated donations with organizations that know the communities and promote the participation of people and associations are more efficient and generate more impact.


We have as a premise that all social actors should have access to information related to the community development process. For us, it is indisputable that all management and financing processes have a clear focus, are transparent and accountable in order to continuously build trust between our organizations and communities.


We must be pioneers of innovative actions and generate new models of economic development with social benefits that echo on the citizens. We need to follow new trends at national and international level, propose new solutions and act with a preventive rather than a corrective approach.


The Ibero-American region is plural and diverse, but united on the basis of shared elements of identity. We believe that our organizations are strengthened by the Ibero-American Network of Community Foundations, where it is possible to build a global vision of community philanthropy based on local experiences of community development.

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